If your car was towed at the request of an agency, you must first be sure that you don’t need the agency’s permission to pick up the car.
We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Yes! We buy junk cars.
No, as long as your leave your key with your vehicle. Just tell us where your vehicle is located and where you left your key with it. I.e., on top of the tire, in the gas tank/cap, etc.
We accept forms of payment in Cash, Debit and Credit cards. No checks, please.
Yes, we can bill you.
In order for your insurance company to be billed, you must first provide an up-front payment to which we will provide you with a receipt for you to give to your insurance company for reimbursement.
In order to accept AAA, we require an up-front payment and we will provide you with a receipt to provide AAA for you to be reimbursed.
Flatbed trucks depend on your vehicle size and condition. Let us know what happened to your vehicle so that we can use the appropriate tools to prevent further damage. If you have full coverage and you have been in an accident, there is no upfront charge.
Yes, we can tow motorcycles.
Yes, we can tow commercial trucks.
Yes, we can tow storage buildings.
Yes, we can tow construction materials.